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our Story

Super Duct Cleaning was formed in 2004 by Calvin and Elizabeth Church, Elizabeth's Father and Brother, Truman and Joe Brown.  Calvin and his nephew, Rusty Church continue to run the day to day operations of the business and handles sales and inspections.  Elizabeth handles the office work and billing from their home. 

Our Story

Calvin was researching information about allergies and asthma when his and Elizabeth's son, Zeier, began to have trouble with allergies inside their home.  Calvin discovered that many children and adults alike suffered from allergies within their home.  Having earned certification in HVAC and having worked in the field, Calvin knew that the duct work was only circulating the dust and allergens throughout the house each time the heat or air came on.  He then approached his brother in law about going into business together.  Elizabeth spoke with her father about financial support needed and Super Duct was then found.  Calvin's nephew, Rusty Church, joined the business a few months later.  

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A Family owned and operated business

Is the air you breathe in your home or business making you sick? LET US help.